How To Apply Social Exchange Market Grant 2023/2024 –

How To Apply Social Exchange Market Grant 2023/2024 –

Are You looking for how to apply for Social Exchange Market Grant 2023? Then, You are at the right place, We will put You through in this Loan article.

The Social Exchange Marketplace (SEM) seeks to equip small businesses with the start-up capital they need to grow their businesses.
while addressing the financial challenges of business ownership.

This great program will benefit 20 million Nigerians, with each receiving monetary help to run their businesses.

What Is SEM Business Grant?

The SEM Business Grant project is a Social Exchange Market (SEM) initiative that aims to help lift 36 million Nigerians out of poverty.

The purpose of this website is to serve as a meeting place for SEM beneficiaries. It was founded by the beneficiaries and operated by the members to provide updates and support to all SEM beneficiaries. Also, it acts as a lobby group for SEM and the grant project.

How Much of SEM is Disbursed?

The Beneficiaries will receive a grant between N1 million and N5 million, depending on the proportions of their business.

Small businesses will be able to flourish and compete, resulting in a healthy level of economic competition.

This means that if you own a small business, you will earn a small amount, but if you own a large business (such as a production company), you will receive a substantial amount.

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How to Appy for the 2023/2024 SEM Grant

To apply for the Social Exchange Market Grant 2023. Simply, visit the official website of the SEM Grant to complete your registration.

Fill in your details as follows.

  • Applicant Full Name
  • State of Origin
  • Bank Details
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Your Business Proposal
  • Amount(s) of Funds

Social Exchange Market Grant Application Portal

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