MTN Double Data Migration Code 2023

MTN Double Data Migration Code 2023

I have been getting a lot of questions about the MTN Double Data Migration Code.

So, today I am going to detail You about MTN Double Data Migration Code.

My previous article discussed how How To Browse With Airtime on MTN Network and How To Stop Browsing With Airtime On MTN Network.

The MTN double data code 2023 allows MTN users to enjoy 2Time value on every Recharge they make with their MTN line.

This means that if you recharge 100NGN you will be given a bonus of 100NGN which will make your balance 200NGN.

This is your chance to enjoy what other MTN subscribers are enjoying browsing the internet. 

Therefore, this is a very special tariff plan, MTN data code just like in the case of Airtel offers cheaper data.

MTN Double Data Migration Code 2023

The 2023 MTN double data is not a big deal but might be a problem if You don’t know how to activate it. 

However, this MTN data bonus works on all devices that use the internet such as Android, Apple, tablets, PC, and PSP.

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So, to activate double data, dial *144# and select your preferred data plan. If it does not work you can use any of the listed USSD codes below to start with for the Double data plan code.

Shortcodes for the double data plans

MTN Double Tariff Plans Price(₦) Short Codes Validity
1.5GB 500 *131*103# 14 Days
3GB 1000 *131*106# 30 days
4GB 1200 *131*130# 30 days
7GB 2000 *131*110# 30 Days
13GB 3500 *131*107# 30 Days
22GB 5000 *131*116# 30 Days
50GB 10,000 *131*117# 30 Days
80GB 15,000 *131*150# 30 Days
120GB 20,000 *131*118# 60 Days
200GB 30.000 *131*138# 60 Days
240GB 50,000 *131*133# 180 Days
30GB 75,000 *131*134# 180 Days

How to Activate MTN Double Data

If you want to activate MTN double data, you need to do it the right way as we are stating below. 

Please, note that the migration process for double data is done differently for new and old sim cards. 

Therefore, if you are using a new sim card this activation process is for you only, after this, I will show you how to activate it on an MTN SIM card.

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Do not forget that only MTN prepaid users are entitled to this MTN tariff plan

Steps By Steps

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Go to your text messaging app
  3. Open the text message app on your phone
  4. In the message body type ‘PROMO’ and in the recipient section type 131
  5. Now hit the sent button to send to 131
  6. You will then be sent a message saying “Thank you for subscribing to the data bundle… Press 1 to Accept or 2 to Reject”
  7. Now press 1 to select and accept the MTN double data bundle
  8. After a few seconds, you will then receive a confirmation message
  9. You can now dial *131# to subscribe to any MTN data bundle of your choice
Price Normal Data Volume 4G & MTN Data Bonus Validity USSD Activation Code
N500 2GB 4GB  1 day *131*154#
N500 750MB 1.5GB 7 days *131*103#
N1000 1.5GB 3GB 30 days *131*106#
N1200 2GB 4GB 30 days *131*130#
N2000 3.5GB 7GB 30 days *131*110#
N3500 6.5GB 13GB 30 days *131*107#
N5000 11GB 22GB 30 days *131*116#

How To Migrate To MTN Double Data

This is how to easily migrate to MTN double data on old prepaid MTN SIM users. 

Unlike for the new sim card users, the activation process for old prepaid sim cards to activate the MTN data bundle is a little different.

I call this the old migration process because it is not the new double data pattern. To migrate the old sim card you still need to use the messaging app though.

However, if you want to migrate or activate the plan on an old MTN SIM card, follow the presence as mentioned below for double data on MTN.


  1. Head over to your text massaging app on your phone
  2. Open the text messaging app on your smartphone
  3. Go to the message body section and type “Double” as your message body
  4. Now hit the send text message button
  5. On sending the message you will get an SMS saying “Y’ello! Your request has been received and is being processed. You will receive a response shortly. Please don’t resend your request. Thank you!“
  6. If you received a sorry SMS then it means the message you sent is incorrect check and resend it
  7. Now after the first message you will need to send the second message
  8. Repeat the process but this time type PROMO in the message body and hit send
  9. Finally, just like the first time, you will get another message saying “Y’ello! Your request has been received and is being processed MTN Double data.

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Note, You will receive a response shortly
  1. Please don’t resend your request. Thank you!“
  2. In some cases, you may receive “Sorry, The Command you have entered is incorrect”
  3. Whichever message you receive, just proceed to the next stage
  4. Now send ‘FREE’ to 131 after receiving the last message
  5. In the end, you will receive a confirmation message which reads, “Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone, Dial *131*1#“

How do you double data on MTN?

However, to easily double your data on the MTN network, you only need to migrate to MTN double data bundle. 

This tariff plan offers all double data subscribers a free bonus for every recharge worth 2 times the value.

The tariff plan is only available for only the MTN prepaid user. It is available for not only new MTN users but it is also available for old MTN sim card users.

This is like Airtel users who only have to send “PROMO” to 131.

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How can I double my data on MTN 4g SIM?

The only way to double your data on MTN 4g SIM is to migrate to MTN double data. If you can remember at the beginning of this post I said the 2 ways to migrate to the tariff plan.

The migration process for old MTN subscribers is different from that of new MTN subscribers. So if you want to migrate to double tariff to enjoy cheap and more data, follow the steps I have mentioned previously to get it done.

MTN Yafun Yafun Data Code

MTN does not have one data plan but you will enjoy a lot of data bonuses. With MTN Yafun Yafun, you will be able to purchase data at a cheaper rate and still get MTN double data the value of each of your data subscriptions.

To enjoy the Yafun Yafun data bonus, follow the steps below to get started

  1. Purchase a new SIM card from any MTN store
  2. Register and activate the new sim card
  3. Recharge the new number and you will be automatically migrated to Yafun Yafun
  4. Now Dial *131*1*1# and select 5 (2GB for ₦500) Validity period is 2 days

Remember one of the benefits of the YafunYafun is that you’ll get double all data plans for 3 months, so enjoy 2 times the value of the MTN Binge bundle.

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How To Check MTN Double Data Balance

  • Open the phone
  • Dial this USSD code *131*4#
  • Wait for a few seconds to receive details of your balance

This is the best, fast and easiest way to check your double data balance. If you prefer the texting format then here is how to check your balance via text message end 2 to 131 as a text message.

Conclusion – MTN Double Data Migration Code 2023

Share this post with friends and family, if You have questions, use the comment box below and I will attend to You immediately.

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