WAEC Result Checker: How To Check WAEC Results Using Phone in 2023

WAEC Result Checker: How To Check WAEC Results Using Phone in 2023

Immediately after each WAEC examination every year. What comes next is for WAEC candidates to check their WAEC results to determine if they actually passed or failed. One of the ways you can achieve this is through the use of the WAEC Result Checker.

So, the WAEC Result Checker is a platform allowing a WAEC candidate to successfully check his/her result after they’re done writing the examination. This innovation was brought into existence to make result checking a lot easier for their candidates.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to check your WAEC result by using your phone in two different ways.

Processes for WAEC Result Checking 2023

The WAEC bodies have made it easier for their candidates to access and view their results from any location by streamlining the procedure of checking WAEC results.

There are two ways to check your WAEC results:

  1. On the internet
  2. Using SMS.

WAEC Result Checker: How To Check WAEC Results Using Phone via the Internet

To check your WAEC result on the Internet, candidates are required to make use of the smart identity card issued to them before the start of the examination. On the smart identity card, you’ll find your result checker pin and serial number printed on it. You will need to input the details on the card into the required field on the portal so as to access and view your result.

You are not required to buy any scratch card pin to access your result as the details on the smart identity card are enough to let you access and view your result. However, there are some circumstances that may require you to purchase a scratch card pin;

  1. If you’ve exhausted the amount of check designated for your smart identity card.
  2. If you misplace your smart identity card and were not able to remember the details on the card or write it somewhere else.
  3. If your examination was written before the year 1999.
  4. If the details on your smart identity card somehow fade away, making it is pretty impossible to see or notice the result checker pin and serial number.

If you fall under any of these categories highlighted above, you will need to visit the WAEC Request Management System online portal to purchase your result checker pin. The pin cost about ₦4,000 coupled with the charges and all.

How to WAEC Result 2023

To buy the result checker pin, simply follow the steps highlighted below;

  1. Visit the WAEC Request Management System portal website here (https://request.waec.ng/Home/PurchaseToken?servid=406)
  2. A transaction reference will be assigned to you automatically. Be sure to write down the transaction reference somewhere safe Incase of any issue you might face along the way.
  3. Under “Select a Request Type”, choose Request for Service from the list of options shown to you.
  4. Under “Select a Request”, choose Sale of WAEC Direct Result Checker from the list of options shown to you.
  5. On the next field, the amount due will be shown to you in Naira.
  6. Enter your name, email, and phone number in the next fields shown to you.
  7. Once you’re done and you’ve cross-checked all information inputted into the required field, click on the “proceed to online payment” button and make the necessary payments.
  8. Once your payment has been received, you’ll be issued a WAEC result checker pin immediately.

How to WAEC Result Using Scratch Card 2023

Below are the steps involved in checking your result via the online WAEC portal using your smart identity card or scratch card pin.

  • Visit the WAEC 2023 result-checking portal website at https://www.waecdirect.org.
  • Input the 10-digit examination number into the required field.
  • Select your year of examination from the list of years shown to you.
  • Select your examination type either school candidate result or private candidate result.
  • Input your pin on the e-PIN field
  • Input your serial number in the required field
  • Kindly, cross-check all the information you’ve inputted so as to be sure you haven’t made any mistakes earlier on.
  • Immediately, after you’ve confirmed there isn’t any mistake, click on the “Submit” button to access and view your result.

 How To Check WAEC Results Using Phone via SMS

Below are the steps on how to check your WAEC result using a phone via SMS;

  1. Launch your message app and click on the start chat button.
  2. Send a text message using the format below to the shortcode 32327;– WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear (e.g WAEC*4280341090*638266382767*2023)
  3. Do not change the format above and also no space is allowed in between the values.
  4. Once your message has been received, your WAEC result will be sent to your phone immediately via SMS.

NOTE: This service cost the sum of ₦30 only.

Waec Grade Calculation

Once you have checked your results, it is essential to understand the WAEC grading system so as to know whether you failed or passed the exam and also to help you in your admission process.

Below is a table on how WAEC grades their candidate result in Nigeria;

Scores Grade Interpretation
75 – 100 A1 Excellent
70 – 74 B2 Very Good
65 – 69 B3 Good
60 – 64 C4 Credit
55 – 59 C5 Credit
50 – 54 C6 Credit
45 – 49 D7 Pass
40 – 44 E8 Pass
0 – 39 F9 Fail

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We hope this article on WAEC Result Checker has been informative and has provided you with all you need to know about how to check your WAEC result using a phone online or via SMS.

Also, checking your WAEC results is quite easy and straightforward, with the right steps and guidance which have been provided in the article, you have no problem whatsoever in checking your results.

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