WAEC Withheld Result 2023 Release Date | 100% Solution

WAEC Withheld Result 2023 Release Date | 100% Solution

As WAEC 2023 result is released but you are seeing that all or some of your subjects are showing HELD, OUTSTANDING, or CANCEL. It simply means that your WAEC result is withheld.

So, if your result is held in the just concluded WAEC result. We are here to educate you on why your results are showing HELD, OUTSTANDING, or CANCEL when checking your WAEC result. Just continue to read below to see how to solve the problem. You will also see the release date of the WAEC 2023 withheld result.

When is WAEC Withheld Result Release Date 2023?

After the total release of results. the West African Examination Council body does not put a stipulated date when they will release the HELD or OUTSTANDING. Although, from experience, this normally takes up to 2 months for them to release these results

Has WAEC Released HELD Results?

Yes, the WAEC Withheld results have been released now. So, affected candidates are asked to go to the WAEC results portal, and their results

When Will WAEC Withheld Result 2023 be Released?

As we said above, this thing takes time. Firstly, the NEC will need to have a meeting to discuss the withheld results and how it resolves the issue. So, after the meeting, they will update the public about when to check back for the held results.

As long as you are not involved in irregularities during the West African Examinations Council examination. Your result will be released. Those that have an OUTSTANDING will have their results released faster than those that have HELD.

Why did WAEC Withhold my Results?

There are many reasons why your WAEC result is held. From the 2022 WAEC, a total of 163,418 candidates, representing 10.21 percent of candidates who sat for WAEC exams, have a few of their subjects “still being processed due to some issues being resolved.” Therefore, read below to see a few reasons why WAEC has not released your results.

Reasons Why Your WAEC Result Is Withheld

The reason might be numerous but the few below is the main reason why your result sheet is showing HELD or OUTSTANDING when you check it online.


This is the process of using someone to write the WAEC examination. This is a very big offense and most time, WAEC does not even release the result of such people. If you are among people that did this, just know that your result is on a 70:30 chance of being released.


Especially for School candidates, this is the common reason why their results are seized. As of these days, most schools are involved in this act. If a school is caught of malpractice or mass malpractice, then, the school is in a big problem because they might not get their result released.


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